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Stress Mgmt Quiz 5 pg01

Stress Mgmt Quiz 5 pg01 - gre06755_ch05.qxd Section 12:44...

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Section V Other Life Situation Interventions: Effective Communication Techniques To use communication to help cope with stress, you need to know both how to communicate your feelings of stress to other people and how to communicate acceptance and understanding when other people share their stressful feelings with you. This section concerns these two communication skills. Scale 5.1: How Well Can You Communicate Your Feelings of Stress to Other People? Research shows that if you can share your feelings of stress with other people—loved ones, friends, relatives, co-workers, and classmates—you will be less apt to suffer from the negative effects of that stress. Just “venting” makes you feel that someone else cares—after all, these other people care enough about you to listen and attempt to recommend ways for you to feel better. Are you able to take advantage of this important resource? The scale that follows will help you determine how well you can communicate your feelings of stress to other people.
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