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9. Jane gets nervous driving to work in traffic. She decides to reduce her stress by riding her bicycle to work instead of taking the car. She wants to tell her friend that she feels good about her decision. The most clear and direct way for Jane to say this is: A. “Everyone should ride a bicycle to work.” B. “I feel great about riding my bike instead of driving to work.” C. “You can imagine how good I feel riding my bike to work.” D. None of the above. 10. Valerie wants to tell her family that she's nervous about moving away to a different city. The most clear and direct way for Valerie to say this is: A. “There's no way I'll ever feel good about moving.” B. “You couldn't possibly understand how I feel about moving.” C. “I feel anxious about moving to another city.” D. None of the above. 11. Gregg drinks a great deal of coffee at work and notices that it makes him feel nervous. He wants to ask his co-worker to help him drink less coffee by keeping track of the amount of
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