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Stress Mgmt Quiz 5 pg05

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INCORRECT ANSWER CHOICE ANALYSIS Overgeneralized Crystal Ball Judgment Incomplete 1. B,C D 2. A B D 3 . A —B— D 4 . A B—C 5. B A C 6. A B D 7. C A D 8 . A —C— D 9. A C D 10. A B D 11. B A C 12. C A D 13. C B D 14. B C A 15. A C D Different people communicate using different styles. Some of us are fortunate in that we somehow learned how to communicate effectively and do so. Others of us are deficient in our communication style and need to work to improve it. As I've said before, stress management is putting you in more control of you than you thought possible. Specific to our discussion here, you need to even take charge of how you communicate. If you cannot interact well with people, and that interferes with sharing your stressful feelings with them, you will not be as effective in managing stress as you might otherwise. The activity that follows should help begin the process of improving how you communicate with others about your stressful feelings.
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