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6. Janice has started to meditate every evening to help her manage her stress more effectively. She wants to ask her roommate not to interrupt her when she's meditating. The most clear and direct way for Janice to say this is: 7. Bruce wants to tell James, his co-worker, that he feels good about being able to stay calm during a very busy time at the office. The most clear and direct way for Bruce to say this is: 8. Gerald plans to jog in the morning before work as part of his stress management program. He wants his wife to help him by making sure he doesn't oversleep in the morning. The most
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Unformatted text preview: clear and direct way for Gerald to say this is: 9. Jane gets nervous driving to work in traffic. She decides to reduce her stress by riding her bicycle to work instead of taking the car. The most clear and direct way for Jane to say this is: 10. Valerie wants to tell her family that she's nervous about moving away to a different city. The most clear and direct way for Valerie to say this is: 50 gre06755_ch05.qxd 4/8/05 12:44 PM Page 50...
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