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Unformatted text preview: Scale 5.2: How Well Can You Communicate Acceptance and Understanding When Other People Share Their Stressful Feelings with You? I conduct monthly stress management workshops for parents residing at the Ronald McDonald House in Washington, DC. These parents stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their seriously ill children are being treated in local hospitals. One part of the workshops focuses on the benefits of having others with whom to share problems, joys, and sorrows. Research is clear regarding the protection this type of social support provides against stress-related outcomes. Yet, whenever we get to this point in the workshop, the focus tends to be on how can I benefit from social support rather than how can I help others benefit from it. Workshop participants soon come to find out that the two are intertwined. Parents cannot receive support from others unless they are willing and able to give it back. No one wants to help or listen to someone else who is so tied into his or her own problems thatback....
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