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Stress Mgmt Quiz 5 pg11

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9. Sara: “I've felt good since I started taking deep breaths whenever I am a little tense.” The response that best communicates acceptance and understanding of Sara's situation is: A. “If you don't keep up deep breathing, you can end up just as nervous as you were.” B. “Deep breaths help you relax and so probably they help you feel less stress.” C. “You've started using deep breathing skills when you are tense and you feel good about that.” D. “You might want to start exercising to help you reduce stress.” 10. Matthew: “I'm really starting to enjoy the jogging that was prescribed as part of my stress management program.” The response that best communicates acceptance and understanding of Matthew's situation is: A. “You're beginning to enjoy jogging now.” B. “As the jogging gets easier for you, it also becomes more enjoyable.” C. “Try jogging in the morning before you go to work.” D. “You will have to continue to jog if you want to keep your stress level down.” 11.
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