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15. Bill: “I'm proud that I've lowered my blood pressure by following a stress management program.” The response that best communicates acceptance and understanding of Bill's situation is: A. “You should continue to follow your stress management program.” B. “You're pleased that, because of following your stress management program, your blood pressure is lower.” C. “You'll be sorry if you don't continue to follow your stress management program.” D. “Your blood pressure wasn't that high in the first place.” SCORING* Assign yourself one point for each of the following responses: 1. C 9. C 2. D 10. A 3. A 11. D 4. C 12. C 5. B 13. B 6. A 14. D 7. D 15. B 8. B INTERPRETATION OF SCORES This scale measures how well you can communicate acceptance and understanding when other
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Unformatted text preview: people share their stressful feelings with you. Using the key below, you can evaluate your incorrect answers as being either 1. Directing —a response that tells or suggests to the message sender what to do. 2. Warning —a response that warns a message sender what might happen. 3. Criticizing/Disagreeing —a response that criticizes or disagrees with the message sender. 4. Diagnosing —a response that suggests an explanation for the message sender's statement. * Source: Centers for Disease Control. An Evaluation Handbook for Health Education Programs in Stress Management. Washington, DC: Department of Health and Human Services, 1983, pp. 174–182. 55 gre06755_ch05.qxd 4/8/05 12:44 PM Page 55...
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