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Stress Mgmt Quiz 5 pg13

Stress Mgmt Quiz 5 pg13 - learn how to employ reflective...

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INCORRECT ANSWER CHOICE ANALYSIS Directing Warning Criticizing/Disagreeing Diagnosing 1. A,D B 2. A C B 3. C,D B 4. A B D 5. A,D C 6. D C B 7. A B C 8. A D C 9. D A B 10. C D B 11. A,D C 12. B,D A 13. D C A 14. B A C 15. A C D Interesting enough, just listening is sometimes all that is needed to help others feel less distressed. And, in most instances, it is far better to merely listen than to direct, warn, criticize or disagree, or diagnose what is being said or the situation. Clergy know this. They know that on the occasion of the death of a congregant, when everyone is really at a loss as to what to say, simply placing an arm around the mourner or a little hug can be more meaningful than any verbal communication. The following activity will help you practice listening and sharpen that skill. ACTIVITY: REFLECTIVE LISTENING In order to be able to communicate well, you need to acquire certain skills. This activity helps you
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Unformatted text preview: learn how to employ reflective listening, acknowledge feelings expressed to you, and use “I” statements. Reflective Listening: To demonstrate that you are listening to someone, you can paraphrase what he or she has said and what you think that person is feeling. Paraphrasing uses other words than those said but have the same meaning. For example, if you paraphrased the statement, “What a rotten day!” you might say, “It seems that your day was really horrendous.” In this way, the other person will know that you listened. Practice this reflective listening by rephrasing the following statements: 1. I'm really feeling stressed out. 2. My instructors are so unsympathetic that I don't know if I'll do well in school this semester. 56 gre06755_ch05.qxd 4/8/05 12:44 PM Page 56...
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