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3. Cindy and I are not getting along very well lately. One way you might have reflected these statements back to the person communicating them is 1. So much is happening that you obviously feel uptight and tense. 2. It sounds like you're worried you won't get good grades this semester and that you can't expect any help from your teachers. That must be very frustrating and scary. 3. You're worried about the future of your relationship with Cindy and what you can do to improve it, aren't you? Acknowledging Feelings: When someone communicates feelings to you, it is best to acknowledge those feelings and accept them. For example, if I said, “I'm really upset that you would do such a thing,” you might respond, “You seem disappointed and angry with me.” In this way, you are recognizing that I have certain feelings and accepting that they exist. That doesn't mean that you think those feelings are warranted, only that you acknowledge their existence. Try responding to the
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