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Revision: Frank Rich Columnist Paper The following is a speech from the editor of the New York Times upon the departure of Frank Rich on March 13 th , 2011, given at his going away party. After 31 years of 1,500-word essays every week, on behalf of The New York Times and myself, we bid the great Frank Rich adieu. A fluent and eloquent man, fearless of making his readers feeling immoral, frantic, or just plain disoriented, and boy does he do it well; finding the perfect balance of bringing awareness to issues currently wreaking havoc on America and offering insight on how Americans can reverse them. Rich doesn’t find this perfect balance just anywhere. His articles stretch between politics and culture and Rich inventively finds where they intersect in every article whether he is comparing Disneyland circa 1950 to America’s loss faith in the economy or analyzing themes of “True Grit” as an allegory for our nations lack of personal accountability. But he never accomplishes these ideas without his astounding word choice. Some
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