Where Will the Next Pandemic Emerge

Where Will the Next Pandemic Emerge - Rose Croog-Faiman...

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Rose Croog-Faiman 1/15/10 Discover November, 2008 AP biology period 1 Extra Credit Where Will the Next Pandemic Emerge? By:Jared Diamond and Nathan Wolfe This article entitled “Where Will the Next Pandemic Emerge?”, by Jared Diamond and Nathan Wolfe, discusses the possible breakout of a pandemic in the near future from unlikely sources. The article begins with a memory of one of the authors (Jared Diamond), who boarded a plane on his way from Hong Kong back to Lose Angeles, only to be seated next to an extremely ill passenger who began the trip sneezing and slowly transgressed into vomiting into a bag. Jared’s immediate reaction to this “was not sympathy for her pain,” but rather to request a seat change as far away as possible. All Jared could think about sitting next to this person was another sick person, a man from his visit to Hong Kong who stayed the night of February 21, 2003 at the Metropole Hotel “an upscale establishment with a swimming pool, fitness center, and restaurants, and all kinds of areas where visitors could socialize and connect.” Unfortunately for this man and many others who stayed at the hotel , he has contracted SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome.) This disease could have stemmed directly from an infected bat or maybe he could have contracted it from one of Guangdongs “wet markets”, or maybe from a visitor at the hotel who had gotten it from one of these sources. Although the source of the transmission wasn’t positive, the spread of SARS was definitely initiated. This man had initiated what is called a “super spreader” and shortly 16 more SARS cases erupted first in vicinity of the hotel, and then spiraled to hundreds of cases
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throughout Asia, Europe, and North America as those guests continued their journeys. What SARS exactly is a serious form of pneumonia, caused by a virus. Infection with the SARS virus results in acute respiratory distress (severe breathing difficulty) and sometimes death. Although Diamond was lucky enough to not have contracted SARS, the experience illustrated to him the terrifying possible of “a novel, unstoppable infectious disease.” With the factors of
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Where Will the Next Pandemic Emerge - Rose Croog-Faiman...

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