Identifying a Diprotic Acid Substance by Acid

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Identifying a Diprotic Acid Substance by Acid-Base Titration In this experiment, an unknown diprotic acid was titrated using NaOH as a base. The setup for this experiment was slightly complex because the logger pro software had to be used and the buret was also necessary to titrate. From the data, I concluded that the unknown diprotic acid was Malonic acid with a 2.9% error off from the actual molar mass of the acid. A source of error that may have occurred is that the control of the NaOH pouring by the buret was not as controlled as it should have been because the mechanism for releasing the substance is not very precise. Another error that occurred towards the beginning of the experiment was that the pH reader was not changing when we were releasing a
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Unformatted text preview: large amount of NaOH in the beginning. It eventually began working but it remained the same for a little while in the beginning of the experiment. One more source of error was the reading of the volume on the buret. The buret only goes by .1 increments and because it was positioned high on the lab table it was difficult to read the measurements. Overall, I thought this lab was entertaining to do. The last time we did a titration in the lab, I remember we used the pink phenolthalein indicator and it was interesting to see the pH not only change from acidic to basic but also to see the color change from clear to pink was visually stimulating....
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