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Rose Croog-Faiman US History Ending Global Warming: Steps To A Cleaner World Though a large portion of humans agree upon the statement that global warming is a real issue, with controversial films such as An Inconvenient Truth , policies such as Kyoto Protocol, and the negative effects of such calamities as the BP oil spill, humans have not agreed upon a method or solution to end global warming. There is an incontrovertible body of evidence to support the thesis that global warming is causing climate change. Global warming has a disastrous effect on the earth, and such factions as the federal governmemt, NOAA, IPCC, industries, car manufacturers, state governments, and numerous other organizations are involved in the debate about how to combat global warming. Though many factors such as fluctuating average temperatures, and amount of rainfall and sea levels are the biggest indicators of global warming, the primary source of these changes are due in large part to the increased carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The increase in carbon emissions is due to the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, by factories and industries with more concern to earn profit than to monitor their impact on the environment. The growth of CO2 emissions is a primary issue, therefore a switch to carbon-free energy is
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becoming increasingly imperative so as to save the earth in it’s present state. In order to limit global warming, it will be most effective for the federal government to implement a carbon tax. This policy will begin by taxing coal, oil, and gas- the most widely used fossil fuels. By doing so, it will cost more money to use gases that harm the environment, and then industries will search for new, cleaner, carbon-free ways to harvest energy. Before discussing the carbon tax, it is important to understand the nature of carbon emissions, and their hazardous effects on the environment. The Earth’s temperature delicately depends on the balance between the Sun’s energy and the energy that bounces back into space. Carbon dioxide absorbs energy that
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roughdraftushistory - Rose Croog-Faiman US History Ending...

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