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HPS 1000 Unit 2 Study “Guide” Chapters 5, 6, 7 * Caveat: This guide is an attempt to direct you to some of the material that will be covered on your exam, but it is not necessarily all inclusive . This guide should be used in combination with your readings, labs, and lecture notes . Anything covered in these sources or discussed in class is subject to being included on exam, regardless of whether it’s included on this page. To assist you in preparing for your exam, I recommend you focus on the following: Chpt 5 Be familiar with a working definition of nutrition and all the major nutrients, including their energy values, primary functions, and recommendations related to health and wellness. Understand the connection between fat, cholesterol, transfatty acids, and their contribution to major health concerns. Nutritional Standards- be familiar with food guide pyramid and the guidelines presented in notes for daily caloric intake (50-60% carbs, <30% fat, ~15% protein). What are some of the benefits of eating whole fruits and vegetables and whole grains
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HPS%201000%20Unit%202%20%285%2c6%2c7%29%20Study%20Guide1 -...

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