Example49 - product of polynomials Because of this a...

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Example 2 Factor 25  x 2   y 2  – 36  z 2 Example 3 Factor (  a  +  b ) 2  – (  c  –  d ) 2 Example 4 Factor  y 2  + 9.  Even though  y 2  and 9 are square numbers, the expression  y 2  + 9 is  not  a  difference  of squares and is  not factorable.  Many polynomials require more than one method of factoring to be completely factored into a 
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Unformatted text preview: product of polynomials. Because of this, a sequence of factoring methods must be used. • First, try to factor by using the GCF. • Second, try to factor by using the difference of squares....
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