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Following are terms with which you should be familiar

Following are terms with which you should be familiar - of...

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Following are terms with which you should be familiar:  Standard form.  The form  Ax  +  By  =  C  for the equation of a line is known as the  standard  form  for the equation of a line.  x -intercept.  The  x -intercept  of a graph is the point at which the graph will intersect the  x - axis. It will always have a  y -coordinate of zero. A horizontal line that is not the  x -axis will have  no  x -intercept.  y -intercept.  The  y -intercept 
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Unformatted text preview: of a graph is the point at which the graph will intersect the y-axis. It always has an x-coordinate of zero. A vertical line that is not the y-axis has no y-intercept. One way to graph a linear equation is to find solutions by giving a value to one variable and solving the resulting equation for the other variable. A minimum of two points is necessary to graph a linear equation....
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