Special Products of Binomials

Special Products of Binomials - the terms in the original...

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Special Products of Binomials Two binomials with the same two terms but opposite signs separating the terms are called  conjugates  of each other. Following are examples of conjugates:  Example 1 Find the product of the following conjugates. 1. (3  x  + 2)(3  x  – 2)  2. (–5  a  – 4  b )(–5  a +  4  b 1. 2. Notice that when conjugates are multiplied together, the answer is the difference of the squares of 
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Unformatted text preview: the terms in the original binomials. The product of conjugates produces a special pattern referred to as a difference of squares . In general, ( x + y )( x – y ) = x 2 – y 2 The squaring of a binomial also produces a special pattern....
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