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Intro to World Religions (2)_5_5 - Emphasizes rules and...

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Five Precepts Do not kill; Do not steal; Do not engage in sexual misconduct; Do not lie; Do not use intoxicants Five Powers Faith and confidence; Energy and effort; Mindfulness; Samadhi; Wisdom Five Hindrances Sense craving; Anger or ill will; Sloth and torpor; Restlessness and worry Five Dhyani (Wisdom) Buddhas Vairochana Akshobhya Ratnasambhava Amoghasiddhi Six Perfections Concentration; Effort; Ethical Behavior; Generosity; Patience; Wisdom Noble Eightfold Path Right Beliefs Right Aspirations Right Speech Right Conduct Right Livelihood Right Mindfulness Right Meditational attainment Theravada Buddhism Dominant is South Asia, Sri Lanka They Way of the Elders (In Pali language) Follow the original beliefs. Strives for wisdom Followed as a teaching or philosophy
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Unformatted text preview: Emphasizes rules and education Theravada Text Paili Canon: Collection of Buddha’s Teachings Tipitaka Theravada Purpose in life Become Arhat; A saint who has achieve Nirvana and will not be reborn again. Four stages to become an Arhat -Sotapana attain by overcoming false beliefs -Sakadagamin one who will only be reborn once more. -Anagamin one who will be reborn in heaven -Arhat : one that has attained enlightenment and will never be reborn Mahayana Buddhism 1 st century, more liberal. Greater Vehicle Available to all people and not only monks and ascetics. North Asia and Far East. Including China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Mongolia More religious Compassion is the highest virtue. Emphasizes tuition and practice Mahayana Sacred Text Pali Canon...
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