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Intro to World Religions (2)_6_6

Intro to World Religions (2)_6_6 - Nirvana Release from...

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The Sutras Sanskrit Mahayana Purpose in life To become Boddhisattvas. Persons who have become enlightened but unselfishly delay Nirvana to help others attain it first and it can be attained in a single lifetime Mahayana subdivisions Zen Nichiren Pure Land Vajrayana Buddhism Upaya is the technique that accelerates enlightenment by the use of tantra (esoteric traditions) Vajrayana Buddhism Upaya is the technique that accelerates enlightenment by the use of tantra (esoteric traditions) The Middle Way The realization that the way to enlightenment is neither exaggerated asceticism (denial of physical or psychological desires) nor self- indulgence. Dharma (Sanskrit) Dhamma( Pali) Truth, teaching Sangha Community of monks and nuns, lowered cased in the monastic community Anichcha Impermanence, constant change Anatta Doctrine there is no soul of permanent essence in people and things Dukkha Sorrow, misery, suffering
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Unformatted text preview: Nirvana Release from suffering and rebirth that brings inner peace Dhyana Mediation, focusing the mind Samadhi Deep awareness, result of intense meditation Samasara Constant rebirth and the attendant suffering, the everyday world of change Tripitaka Three collections of Buddhist texts Sutra Sacred text to record the words of Buddha Stupa A shrine, in a shape of a dome, use to mark Buddhist relics of sacred sites Karuna Compassion, empathy Trikaya Three bodies of Buddha the cosmic buddah nature, celestial Buddha and the historical buddhas Amitabha Buddha Buddha of the western paradise, a bliss-body Buddha in Mahayana Guanyin Mahayana: popular bodhisattva of compassion Shunyata Mahayan: notion of emptiness, universe is empty of permanent reality Tathata The uniqueness of each changing moment of reality Mandala Circular design containing deities Satori Zen: the enlightened awareness...
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