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Dynasty (1027-402 BC) I Ching Classic of Changes : collection of texts on divination based on 64 hexagrams reflecting relationship between Yin and Yang Ch’un Ching Spring and Autumn Annals the history of the state of Lu from 772 to 484 BCE Li Ching Classic of Rites : three books on the Li (rites of Propriety The Si Shu Four books Lun Yu : Analects of Confucius Chung Yung : Doctrine of the Mean Ta Hsueh : Great Learning Meng Tzu : writings of Meng Tzu (371-289 BCE) a philosopher who traveled from state to state conversing with government rulers Schools of Confucianism Han Confucianism Neo-Confucianism : Mencius Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Korean Confucianism Japanese Confucianism Singapore Confucianism Mencius Born 372- 289 BCE in the statof Zhou Philosopher and sage Principal interpreter of Confucianism Traveled around China to offer advice to rulers for reform The Meng-Tzu book: conversations with kings of the time Emphasized the significance of the common citizens in the sate
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