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Afterlife Death should not be feared nor desired Beliefs Immortals – Xian Spiritual beings of primary importance The perfected persons (Chen Jen) are worship. Specially know as the Eight Immortals born in the Tang Dyansty 618-907 or Song Dynasty 960-1279 Li T’eh-kuai Li with the iron crutch: magic and healing potions. Patron of the sick Chunglu Ch’uan has the power to raise the dead. Patron of the military men Lan ts’ai-ho depicted as a woman or young boy. Patron of the florists Chang Kuo-lao Patron of old men Ho Hsien-Ku Only female immortal Lu Tung-pin : de facto leader. Patron of barbes Han Hsiang-tzu:p Epitome of the peaceful mountain-dweller. Patron of musicians Ts’ao Kuo-ch’iu Sung imperial family. Patron of actors Beliefs Purpose of Life Live in accordance with the Tao A Taoist does not struggle, oppose or strive Instead, the sage practices Wu-Wei Non-Action. To orient oneself with the Tao that one’s actions go unnoticed. Let the nature take its course.
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