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Intro to World Religions (2)_10_10 - th century Appointed...

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Sects or Subdivisions Religious Taoism Daojiao Philosophical Taoism Dojia Emphasizes themes found in Dao De Jing and Zhuangzi Early Taoism Taught that life should be lived on a day to day basis Later Taoism Concept of immortality is based on the extension of life in this world Lao Tzu Philosopher and central figure in Taoism Revered as a god in religious Taoism Born in the state of Ch’u Lived in the 6
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Unformatted text preview: th century Appointed keeper of the Imperial Archives by King of Zhou in Luoyang Credited with writing the Tao Te Ching Believed that a person’s conduct should be governed by instinct and conscience Human life, like everything else in the universe, is influence by outside forces Simplicity to be the key to truth and freedom Seek to understand the laws of nature...
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