Intro to World Religions 2

Intro to World Religions 2 - Islam Islam Beliefs The word...

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Islam Islam The word means surrender or submission to God Founded in 622 CE In Mecca, Saudi Arabia by Muhammad, merchant, born in Mecca in 570 Sects: Sunni and Shiite; Sufi is a mystical branch Mosque is the house of worship God is Allah Purpose of life is to submit to the will of Allan and attain paradise after death Beliefs to follow the Quraan, Hadith and five pillars of Islam Afterlife: resurrection of body and soul followed by eternal paradise or hell Beliefs Basic Articles of Faith Belief in Allah as the one and only God Belief in Angels Belief in the holy books specially the Quraan Belief in the prophets: especially in Muhammad. Others: Adam, Ibrahim/Abraham, Musa/Moses, Dawud/David, Isa/Jesus Belief in the Day of Judgment Belief in Predestination : Supremacy of God’s will Sharia The Law Religious code for living Combination of sources: Qur’an (the holy book), Hadith (sayings and conducts of prophet Muhammad) and fatwas (rulings of Islamic scholars) Jihad Struggle or effort Believer’s internal struggles to live the Muslim faith as well as possible. The internal Jihad is called the greater Jihad according to the Prophet (Pbuh) The struggle to build a good Muslim society Holy war: to defend Islam with force if necessary Other beliefs: All people are considered children of Adam All children are born on Al-Fitra; pure natural state of submission to Islam; parents makes them Christians, jews,etc Sacred Texts Qur’an or Koran Sacred word of God revealed to Muhammad over a period of 23 years Qur’an name derived from Angel Gabriels’/Jibril’s initial command to Muhammad “Recite” Divided in 114 surahs or chapters. The Surahs are organized in length not chronological. There are four additional revealed books Suhuf-i-ibrahim / Scrolls of Abraham ; believed to have been lost Tawrat or Taurat / the Pentateuch. Believed book has been altered by ancient Hebrews Zabur; believed to be the psalms from the Hebrew scriptures. Injil/ Injeel; the gospels refered as the words of Jesus. Believed to have been distorted and corrupted over time Hadith or Hadeeth Records of the words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions. They are regarded as the Sunnah; lived example; of Muhammad Important source of doctrine, law and practice. Islamic scholar Yahya bin Sharaf Ul-Deen An-Nawai compiled a collection of 43 sayings of the prophet. It is know as Al-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths The beginning of the division of Islam When Muhammad died, (7 th century) left behind Islam and an Islamic state in the Arabian Peninsula with no successor. A larger group selected Abu Bakr, a close companion of the prophet as the next caliph
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A smaller group believed that the prophet’s son in law Ali should become the next leader. For a few months, Ali delayed pledging oath to Abu Bakr, but eventually he did.
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Intro to World Religions 2 - Islam Islam Beliefs The word...

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