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Islam Islam The word means surrender or submission to God Founded in 622 CE In Mecca, Saudi Arabia by Muhammad, merchant, born in Mecca in 570 Sects: Sunni and Shiite; Sufi is a mystical branch Mosque is the house of worship God is Allah Purpose of life is to submit to the will of Allan and attain paradise after death Beliefs to follow the Quraan, Hadith and five pillars of Islam Afterlife: resurrection of body and soul followed by eternal paradise or hell Beliefs Basic Articles of Faith Belief in Allah as the one and only God Belief in Angels Belief in the holy books specially the Quraan Belief in the prophets: especially in Muhammad. Others: Adam, Ibrahim/Abraham, Musa/Moses, Dawud/David, Isa/Jesus Belief in the Day of Judgment Belief in Predestination : Supremacy of God’s will Sharia The Law Religious code for living Combination of sources: Qur’an (the holy book), Hadith (sayings and conducts of prophet Muhammad) and fatwas (rulings of Islamic scholars)
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