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Reformation roots: Catholic/Counter-Reformation Dominant in France, Italy, Spain, Latin America & USA Original language is Latin Worship guide: Roman Missal Church government: Episcopal Creeds & Confessions: many but focus on apostle’s creed and Nicene Creed Sacred Text: Bible and Apocrypha Source of doctrine: Bible, Church Fathers, popes, bishops, Seven Ecumenial Councils, Trent, Vatican and other catholic councils Belief in Angels Belief in demons as fallen angels and in Satan Salvation: received at baptism and regain by penance Role and clergy: priests Marriage of clergy: priests practice are celibate Woman can not be ordain Other sacraments: Extreme Unction, Marriage, Holy Orders, Confessions, Confirmation Practices: Exorcism, Confession Prayers to Saints Ethics: Premarital Sex is sinful Same-Sex marriage is opposed Divorce: not permitted except under certain circumstances Remarriage: Permitted only if previous spouse has died.
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Unformatted text preview: Abortion: opposed Contraception: opposed except for natural methods Euthanasia : Opposed Suicide: Opposed b) Orthodox Gradual development 1054 AD Founded in Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire Founders: Jesus, Apostles, Church Fathers & Patriarch Michael Cerularius Dominant in Russia and Greece Original language is Greek Church government: Episcopal Creeds: Nicene Creed Sacred Text: Bible and Apocrypha Sources of doctrine: The Scriptures, both old and new testament along with the sacred apostolic tradition Mary: Honored highly but no immaculate conception Salvation: Acceptance of Christ as the Savior Marriage of priest: priests may be married Woman cannot be ordained. Other sacraments: Holy Chrism (Anointing) Practices: Exorcism, Confession Prayers to Saints Ethics: Premarital sex is sinful Adultery is a sin Same-Sex marriage is opposed...
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