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Intro to World Religions 2_9_9 - Divorce Tragic but...

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Divorce: Opposed but sometimes granted Remarriage: Permitted only if previous spouse has died Abortion: opposed Contraception: opposed Euthanasia : Opposed Suicide: Opposed c) Lutheran Founded in 1530 (Augsburg Confession) Founded in Germany Founders: Jesus, Apostles, Church Fathers, Martin Luther, Philip Melanchthon Reformation roots: German reformation Dominant in Germany and Scandinavia Worship guide: Book of Concord Church government: Episcopal Creeds : Apostle’s Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed, Augsburg Confession, Formula of Concord Sacred Text: Bible and Apocrypha Source of doctrine: Bible Belief in Angels Satan & Demons: Some see it as a real being, others metaphorically Salvation: Acceptance of Christ as the Savior Role and clergy: priests and ministers Marriage of priest: priests may be married Woman can be ordained Ethics: Premarital Sex is sinful Adultery is a sin Same-Sex marriage is opposed
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Unformatted text preview: Divorce: Tragic but sometimes the best option Remarriage: accepted Abortion: strongly discourage. Only of last resort Euthanasia : Opposed Suicide: Opposed d) Reform/Presbyteri an 1520 Reform; 1530 Presbyterian Founded in Switzerland and Scotland Founders: Jesus, Apostles, Church Fathers, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Theodore Beza, John Knox. Reform roots: Reform Theology, Scottish Reformation. Dominant in Switzerland and Scotland Original language: French Worship guide: Directory of worship Church government: Presbyterian Creeds: Apostle’s Creed, Nicene Creed, Westminster Confession Sacred Text: Bible Source of doctrine: Bible and Church’s historic confessions of faith Angelology has not been emphasized. Calvin affirmed the existence of celestial spirits but not on personal guardian angels Mary: should not be regarded as a mediator between man and God, simply honored...
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