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as God-Bearer Salvation: chose God Woman can be ordain Ethics: Premarital sex is sinful Same-Sex marriage is opposed Abortion: discourage but sometimes accepted Contraception: accepted e) Methodist/Wesley an Founded in 1787 Founded in England Founders: Jesus, Apostles, Church Fathers & John Wesley Reform roots: English Reformation Dominant : England & USA Original language: English Worship guide: Book of Discipline Church government : connectional Creed: Nicene and Apostles Sacred Text: Bible Source of doctrine: Holy Scriptures Mary: Mother of Jesus and one of his disciples but not immaculate conception Salvation: Acceptance of Christ as the Savior Woman can be ordain Ethics: Premarital sex: only affirmed in the marriage bond Adultery is a sin Same-Sex marriage is opposed Divorce: accepted as a regrettable alternative Remarriage: Permitted Abortion: discourage but allowed in some cases. Euthanasia : Opposed
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