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Intro to World Religions (2)_4_4 - Mantra Dharma Samadhi...

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Mantra A short sacred phrase, often chanted or used in meditation Dharma Rules of order. In Upanishads is the primary knowledge to attain Brahman Samadhi State of complete inner peace resulting from meditation Samsara Everyday world of change and suffering, leading to rebirth. The life cycle Puja Worship. Offering and ritual in honor of deity River Ganges Holiest rivers Kumbh Mela Festival where waters of Ganges and Jumma combine Hindu pilgrimage Rivers, temples, mountains and sacred sites Varanasi or Benrares City home of Lord Shiva Mohandas Gandhi Leader of the movement toward India independence who advocated nonviolent methods to effect social change Avatar Earthly embodiment of a deity Durga Awe-inspiring distant, goddess that is a form of devi Kali A form of Devi, goddess associated with destruction and rebirth Shakti Energies associated with the female consorts of the male deities Ram Mohan Roy Father of modern India Vedanta philosophy People are ignorant of reality and isolated from Brahman
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