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Intro to World Religions (2)_1_1

Intro to World Religions (2)_1_1 - Hinduism Persian...

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Hinduism Persian Hindu (Sanskrit sindhu) meaning river. Founded in India around 1500 BC or earlier around the Indus Valley near the River Indus (Pakistan); 3 rd largest after Christianity and Islam; The guru or sage is the spiritual leader; Pantheism with polytheistic elements. A major influence was done by the Aryan people Purpose in Life To attain liberation (Moksa) from the cycle of reincarnation Live according to the dharma Major Sect Saivism Vaisnavism Saktism) Sacred Text Vedas Upanishads Sutras Bhagavad Gita Main Beliefs The authority of the Vedas (oldest Indian sacred texts) Authority of the Brahmans (priest) Reincarnation The law of Karma that determines one’s destiny in this life and the next Four purposes in life Dharma: fulfill moral, social and religious duties Artha: attain financial and wordily success Kama: satisfy desires and drives in moderation Moksha: attain freedom from reincarnation Four stages of life Brahmacharga: school years, grow and learn Grhastha: marriage, family and career
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