A - A Tattooing 1 The most widely practiced form of voluntary body alteration besides ear-piercing for women 2 Symbolic Value establishes the

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A. Tattooing 1. The most widely practiced form of voluntary body alteration, besides ear-piercing for women 2. Symbolic Value- establishes the tatooee's "attachment to deviant groups"~guilt by association 3. Changing aesthetic There is a certain level of risk involved in tattooing, the level of association with deviant groups, results in everything from small hidden marks to face tattoos (3 Stooges man). Are Tattoos becoming a sign of conformity ? B. Obesity 1. A violation of physical aesthetic standards 2. Moral Dimension - obesity is often assumed to be a voluntary condition, or an outward manifestation of a character flaw-"The fat lack self control and are lazy. Therefore, they deserve their self-inflicted damnation". In tribal and peasant societies , corpulence was associated with affluence. Today, are there a Black-White differences? Genetic? C. Intersexuality: Possessing ambiguous genital characteristics The Two Debates 1. " Essentialism v. Constructionism " Essentialist , or the medical approach is held by much of the general public. The
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