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Adaptive Typology - Albert Cohen(1965 Merton's Theory-•...

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Adaptive Typology: Adaptive Type Goals Means Conformist Accept Accept Innovator Accept Reject/Blocked Ritualist Reject Accept Retreatist Reject (because(?)=>) Reject/Blocked Rebel Reject (new) Reject (new) Conformity central: most keep trying. All but rebel are essentially "non-threatening" to the system. But existence of deviance does suggest Reform, or repair is needed. (Social Policies of the 1960's). Modifications to Structural Strain Theory
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Unformatted text preview: Albert Cohen (1965): Merton's Theory--• Too Utilitarian- not all deviance is in pursuit of wealth • Too Atomistic- not simple individual adaption to strain. • Too Mechanistic- no room for understanding the role of individual/group processes, role of subcultures. Problem==> • Status: recognition and respect from significant others • Position: An accepted place in society. • This leads to:...
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