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Assumptions of Modernization Theory

Assumptions of Modernization Theory - industrial societies...

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Assumptions of Modernization Theory A. The World is A Stable System of Interrelated Parts Modernization theory, according to Shannon (1989:2), views the world society as a "relatively stable system of interrelated parts." Modernization theory views social change as an evolutionary type process that gradually adapted to a changing environment (Ragin and Chirot, 1984:299). B. All Will Develop Like Europe Shannon (1989:2-3) contends that much of the modernization theory is based upon the European developmental experience. It suggests that all countries can become modern
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Unformatted text preview: industrial societies. C. Differentiation and Modernization The primary characteristic of modernization is differentiation . A few institutions that provided broad ranging services to the citizenry characterized premodern societies. Modern societies consist of a variety of specialized institutions. D. Development: An Internal Process Modernization theory views development as an internal process in each society (generally perceived of as nation-states.) They often view each case as independent of the others....
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