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Beat spouse - Domestic Violence • Husband vs Wife Male...

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Beat spouse 91 Beat stranger 64 Stranger rape 13 Rape former spouse 62 Even when death of a victim is involved; still more lenient attitude toward offender Perhaps worse for child abuse 300 homicides in Houston: 1. Of all killers of relatives- 61% received no penalty 2. 53% recevied no penalty if killed friend 3. 36% no penalty if killed stranger 1993-MO: father pays for son's defense in attempted murder of father Spouse Abuse (What follows in this sectionis data from Gelles and Strauss's 1980 study. For current data on domestic violence see the Bureau of Justice's Intimate Partner Violence in the USA . See also EndAbuse.org and the fact sheet from the National Coalition Against
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Unformatted text preview: Domestic Violence. • Husband vs Wife: Male inflicts more damage, more repeat, wife typically in self defense, wife often pregnant, economic dependence. • Wife: often uses weapon and ends up killing spouse Type Past Year Ever Thrown 7% 16% Slapped 7% 18% Shoved 13% 23% Beat up 1.5% 5% Used weapon 1% 4% (Gelles and Straus, 1980) • Weapon=2 million incidents • underestimate: recall, married vs. separated • Marriage license=Hitting license • Social Norm • Overall--1/3 of couples per year, 2/3 ever (some report of violence) • Rate of spousal violence that meets definition of assault=6,100/100,000 (official assault=280/100,000)...
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