Behavioralism - • General Sociological Concerns with...

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Behavioralism Environmental reinforcement Stimulus/response Eysenck: Problem of permissive child rearing Skinner:  Operant conditioning : Reward structures  Strong link to Classical Theory and Modern day Deterrence Theories Learning Theories  Albert Bandura "Social Learning Theory"      (psychological social learning) Anticipation of positive responses Gear behavior in order to be accepted Modeling Television and violence Moral Development Stages of Development:  Kohlberg  and  Piaget Problem solving Situation specificity Predictability and Problems: MMPI: view deviance as positive, reject authority--causes or responses? Defining the "Psychopath" ADD and social meanings
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Unformatted text preview: • General Sociological Concerns with psycho-dynamic Theories 1. Circularity--if behavior, then "impulse." Proof? Accounts for everything. 2. Sample size typically limited and skewed 3. Replaces one unseeable force (supernatural) with another ("impulses," "predispositions," genes) • General Difficulties with biological and psychological theories: 1. ? Of neutrality--acts accepted as deviant. 2. Straight normative, wrong by nature 3. ? of street vs. elite deviance 4. Individualizes complex social issues 5. Assumptions about normalcy--who and what is normal, exactly? 6. Expert careers? 7. Politics of Good and Evil...
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Behavioralism - • General Sociological Concerns with...

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