Biological and Psychological Theories of Deviance

Biological and Psychological Theories of Deviance - Shifts...

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Biological and Psychological Theories of  Deviance (these ideas drawn from Goode, 1994-2008 chapter 2; and Pfohl,  Images of Deviance and Social  Control , 1985. See the  disclaimer ) Biological Positivism  (Pathological Theories) (these ideas are drawn from Pfohl,  Images of Deviance and Social Control , 1985) (Essentialism) (Deterministic) Shift from badness==>Sickness Common sense today Deterministic causation vs Chosen Deviance produced by disease/defect (very attractive to historical and  modern audiences) Control==>Cure, treatment
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Unformatted text preview: Shifts focus away from act and back to Actor • Search for the variables that cause deviance • Deviance as an Objective Reality • Forces of nature (Evolutionary Theory-1859) Franz Gall (late 18th century) Phrenology (from: the Skeptic's Dictionary) Phrenology (Check out this site Phrenology in America and " bumps and lumps ") • Evolutionary development of Brain: 3 areas that related to/determined behavior 1. openness-secretiveness 2. acquisitiveness-generosity 3. eroticism • Imbalance==>deviance...
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