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Blaming the victim - 1 Too restrictive 2 Is rape alien to...

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Blaming the victim: Victim precipitation Rape myth Conviction problems if any complicity (condom case) Females as sexual objects Trial as second rape Myths and reality Most not violent Most not defined as rape Marital rape (~28 states) Acquaintance rape/date rape Men who Rape Theories: individual, cultural, structural, situational Psychopathological:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Too restrictive 2. Is rape alien to society? • Psychological: Rapist as different from other men. 1. Malamuth asks men: If no chance of getting caught, would you? 35% yes. Would you use force (vs. rape) 50% answer yes. 2. Proclivity: believe rape myth, have used force, aroused by tapes of rape--similar results with convicted rapists....
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