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Brief History of Drugs - • Crack and Crack Babies •...

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Brief History of Drugs, Legalization and Criminalization: Racism and Social Control Harrison Narcotic Act- 1914 The Volstead Act-1920 (Prohibition) Marijuana Tax Act-1937 The re-emergence of the sub-culture (1960's) Drug use in the 1970's The decade of decline: 1980's What's up in the 1990's Drugs in the Twenty-first Century Myths and Realities Drug use and Social Problems : DAWN
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Unformatted text preview: • Crack and Crack Babies • Heroin and Addiction o Lindesmith and Reinforcement Theory (positive and negative) o Euphoria Seekers o Maintainers • Drunken Comportment : Social Norms vs. Biological determinism • Alcoholism, Problem Drinking and Control • Drugs and Crime • Users o Illicit Drugs o Alcohol • Media and Reality: The Case of LSD, Crack, or maybe Caffeine...
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