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Burglary - • Model Code • Pro"booster" 10 of...

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Burglary Rational, learned, group Daytime activity (victim shopping or at work) Bag of tricks--techniques to insure safety and impede detection Quick cash versus deterrence Decker and Wright (1994): "pressing need for cash: o Solving immediate problems o Food, yes, but also "high living." "Keeping the party going" Drugs, alcohol, sex o Values of "street culture." openiness to iliicit activity "Status" items Legitimate work not viable solution immediacy pay scale Shoplifting (try The Sociology of Shoplifting: Boosters and Snitches Today ) $ 8 billion (total for all property crimes: $14 billion)
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Unformatted text preview: • Model Code • Pro-"booster" 10% of all • " Snitch ": All type and kinds, neutralize, females (see also, Katz ) • Routine (1 of 10) • Box/Walmarts--leads to rise • Protection ==>fast growing field • Group support: amusement, adjunct to other activities • Sociability, conventionality, materialism, hedonism • Reporting: value of item, nature of goods (resale), older studies-gender, race. • 1/4 report staged event, 10% detected by employees dealt with, few prosecuted. • Deterrence ?...
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