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Characteristics - relatively technical actions •...

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Characteristics Deliberate acts motivated by profit Corporate Culture: Criminogenic: Differential Association Element of Learning, Peer support, Rationalization and Neutralization Victimization : Diffuse Lack of reporting and defining Civil vs. criminal violations Sociological category Sanctions: small fines, big payoffs Investigation : limited resources, problem of technology 1. Activity hidden in normal business routines -secrecy (Medical Doctors vs Psychiatrists) 2. Most investigation is pro-active vs. reactive So: given the great rewards and low risks of detection, why do so many business people adopt the 'economically irrational' course of obeying the law? When legitimate or conventional avenues make the attainment of a goal difficult or impossible, many of us, whether as individual or as corporate actors, will resort to illegitimate or deviant avenues. White-Collar Crime/Corporate Crime: Correlative Features White-collar crime tends to be made up of complex, sophisticated, and
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Unformatted text preview: relatively technical actions. • White-collar crime tends to be intermingled with legitimate behavior • Victimization tends to be diffuse. Harm is not always conceptualized or identifiable as such because it is usually spread out over a substantial number of victims. • The monetary sums that are involved tend to be quite large. i.e. Michael Milken , Ken Lay o White-collar criminals steal by manipulating symbols rahter than objects o White collar crime occurs extends over time • White-collar crime is rarely prosecuted and rarely convicted. Penalties are light. • With respect to perception and prosecution, evidence indicating that they have taken place is not as clear-cut as with street crime. • Limited media coverage • Coroporate criminals are not heavily stigmatized: they don't acquire "criminal identities." • Relative to their incidence, arrests are very rarely made...
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