Child Abuse - 8/4% Hitting Kids==> Norm Widely...

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Child Abuse: Have you beat your kids today? (What follows in this sectionis data from Gelles and Strauss's 1980 study. For current data on domestic violence see the Bureau of Justice's Intimate Partner Violence in the USA . See also and the fact sheet from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Your child vs. mine Spectrum: routine-----murder If we view physical punishment as OK, then abuse will be a significant part of the reality we construct Where force is legitimate, abuse will be common Normal Good Necessary Adult slap a child 77% 71% 70% Adult slap adult 28/23% 15/9%
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Unformatted text preview: 8/4% Hitting Kids==> Norm Widely practiced Past year Ever Spank/slap 58% 71% Push 41% 46% Hit with object 13% 20% Thrown object 5% 9% Kicked, beaten 3% 4% Beat up 1% 4% Used weapon .1% 3% Of most violent, past year==> 1.4-1.9 million events Patterns Moms more than Dads 1. More time spent with children 2. Child's behavior reflects on their competence 3. Frustration (lack of role opportunities) Sons mostmost often the victims: Social role- "Men can take it" Factors 1. Authoritarianism 2. Having been abused, social learning 3. Unemployment, Stress, Poverty, isolation...
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Child Abuse - 8/4% Hitting Kids==> Norm Widely...

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