Concentric Zone Theory

Concentric Zone Theory - Deviance flourishes Clifford Shaw...

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Concentric Zone Theory Chicago as a living laboratory The city evolves through radial expansion Areas closest to the dynamic core are most impact by change. Zone 2 the transition zone is seen as primary area for deviance 1. Pushed by industrial expansion 2. Center of residence for newly arrived immigrants and migrants 3. High levels of mobility 4. Unemployment, Single-parent households 5. Variety of cultural groups and normative confusion
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Unformatted text preview: Deviance flourishes Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay : Delinquency Areas, 1929. • Quantitative study, relies on official statistics: Spot maps, rate maps and area maps • Located highest concentration of J.D. in neighborhoods in zone 2. • Project: Chicago Area Project-- community reorganization, youth programs and environment improvement. Results: never really studied!!!...
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