Constructionists argue

Constructionists argue - • Provides an economic benefit...

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Constructionists argue: sex is not a given, something that simply "is," but something that is created or fashioned out of our biological "raw material," partly by our culture, partly by our partners and our interaction with them, and partly by the richness of our imagination. It is not sex that makes us but we who make sex - along with whatever it means to us, and to the people with whom we come into contact. GENDERING SEXUALITY Sexist Society
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Unformatted text preview: • Provides an economic benefit to women who sell their bodies, and then labels them as deviant • Women as sex objects--Conversation Law • Women denied access to the means of success in other areas • Extension of dominant value, activities, and institutions of conventional society. 1. Male oriented, male dominated 2. Advertising 3. Double standard 4. Profit and capitalist ethic 5. Alienated labor 6. Sexually restrictive society...
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