Core Elements of the Labeling Perspective

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Core Elements of the Labeling Perspective Relativity Audiences: Reiss-- the role of witnesses in police arrest decision making. Contingencies: Extra-behavioral factors 1. Indexicality ( see also ) 2. Chambliss: The Saints and the Roughnecks-- Social Class. 3. Defining Mental Disorder : Gender, Urban/rural. 4. Bias . 5. Piliavin and Briar: Demeanor -only 2 of 45 deferential youths arrested vs. 14 of 21 antag. 6. Derek Phillips: Help seeking behavior and social distance. Visibility and Stigma (Master Status) Problem of contagion Stickiness of labels Strained interaction 1. "Being on" 2. Impression management Exclusion Sub-culture Formation: "Corporate life" and Deviant Groups ( Stanford Lyman distinquished these goals; alienative and conformative, in his "The Asian
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Unformatted text preview: in the West," 1970, see Pfohl, 1985, page 316 for additional information) 1. Alienative-instrumental (Queer Nation, WITCH Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy From Hell ) 2. Alienative-expressive (Moonies, People's Temple--Jim Jones)) 3. Conformative-instrumental ( COYOTE , NORML) 4. Conformative-Expressive (AA, Weight-Watchers) • Retrospective Interpretation ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) • Reflexivity ( see also ) 1. "Looking-Glass Self" 2. Sense of the Situation 3. Self-fulfilling Prophecy 4. Documentary Interpretation (past records, etc. ==>present reality) ( see also ) 5. Would you hire this guy? (schwartz and Skolnick in 1962, and Buikhuisen and Dijksterhuis in 1971, see Liska, page 126-7)...
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