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Crime in the USA: UCR (current and historical data) Characteristics: Perpetrator and Victim SES Age Gender Reporting and Clearance : Overall 40% reported, 21% of total cleared Robbery: 60%--1 of 8 cleared of total Larceny-Theft: 25%--1 of 20 Auto: 75-95%-- 15% Burglary: 50%--7% Severity: ranking by general public 1. Use of violence 2. Victim confrontation 3. Presence of victim 4. Consequences: attempted vs. completed 5. Use of weapon 6. Amount of money involved 7. What perpetrator has to do Robbery Robbery entails victim confrontation; it is a theft involving force, violence or the threat of violence. It is the only crime that is both a property crime and a crime of violence.
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Unformatted text preview: • Robbery is a vastly less common offense than the other forms of stealing property. • Most offenders simply do not wish to engage in robbery because it is a dangerous, high-risk activity. 2004 FBI STATISTICS 400,00 robberies (down from 2002, 550,000 in CVS) 2.1 million burglaries 7 million simple thefts or larceny Of the 400,000 robberies that took place in 2004: 49% took place on the street or on a highway 12% occurred in a residence 24% were robberies of a "a commercial house" i.e. a bank, or convenience store 15% were "miscellaneous"...
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