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Crime1 - Encompasses most of criminal law White collar...

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Crime (these ideas drawn from Goode, 1994-2008 chapter 6. See the disclaimer ) Crime versus Deviance Common Law and Statutory Law o Pre 1066: England; decentralized: shires o King Henry II (1154-1189): traveling judges Decisions codified: Common Law (case or judge-made law) o Ancient tradition, precedent, "primal" o Laws whose existence began as statutes: Statutory law Consensus: more or less
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Unformatted text preview: Encompasses most of criminal law White collar crime drug law gambling Changes • Constructionism versus Positivism o Definitions o Relativity o Causes and consequences Economic Crimes (from Goode, 4-7th editions,1999- 2005) We are: • All Victims • All Perpetrators We tend to display an overall ambivalence toward economic crimes...
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