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Criminalization: Ideological struggle Problem--widely accepted and tolerated 1. Constitutional 2. Definitional 3. Big business-40% VCR owners consume Pornography in Cyberspace Center for Democracy and Technology Communication Decency Act Page Stigma yes, yet ambivalence TEENAGE SEX "Sex in America" survey The majority of the American population, 61%, believe that teenage sex is always or almost always wrong ." There is a double standard concerning teenage sex. Adults are much more concerned about teenage girls having sex than teenage boys. Age at first intercourse has declined Likelihood that someone will have intercourse by the age of 20 had
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Unformatted text preview: risen • Increase among teenagers in having sex with more than one partner -women who had sex with two or more partners in their teenage years has more than tripled. Exactly the same trend was found in Great Britain. THUS: Not only are young women today having sex at an earlier age than was true in earlier eras, but: sex typically takes place at time when it is regarded as unacceptable to the parental generation, before their 20th birthday, most teenage girls engage in what adults view as sexual deviance....
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