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Critique of Learning Theory

Critique of Learning Theory - Critique of Learning Theory...

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Critique of Learning Theory One does not learn to engage in crime, since no learning is required Criminal acts are simple commonsensical, concrete, and result in immediate gratification Criminals are simply doing what comes naturally What causes such behavior is not the presence of something - learning- but the absence of something - self control Gottfredson and Hirschi reject all other explanations of criminal behavior except their own; only lack of self-control is truly consistent with the facts of crime. But: although incomplete, Classical and Social Disorganization Theory are consistent with the facts: Not all persons who exhibit low self-control commit crime; low self-control merely predisposes someone to commit crime. Crime can take place to the extent that a motivated offender has access to a "suitable target" i.e. money , which lacks a "capable guardian." The inability of a community to monitor the behavior of its residents complements parental incompetence.
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