Critique of Marxist Conflict Theory

Critique of Marxist Conflict Theory - Critique of Marxist...

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Critique of Marxist Conflict Theory (Goode) Not all conflict represents economic or social class interests Crime continues to exist in (so-called) socialist societies There is a similarity between socialist and capitalist societies in erms of the workings of the legal system: arrest and imprisonment as solutions to the "crime" problem Pluralistic (cultural) Conflict Thorsten Sellin: Conduct norms and culture conflict. George Vold: Modern society and variety of groups. Compete for Authority: legitimation. Ralf Dahrendorf: Groups' access to authority is key to understanding competition of modern society. Authority==>Legitimate Power. Austin Turk: "...examines authority-subject relationships within institutions with little concern for overarching or overlapping authority-subject relationships across institutions. Within this general framework, Turk focuses on legal conflict and criminalization. Specifically, he asks the following two questions:
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