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Demographic Perspectives - Demographic Perspectives...

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Demographic Perspectives Demographic perspectives are ways of relating basic population information to theories about how the world operates demographically. Demographic perspectives affect the way we interpret the relationships between populations factors such as size, distributions, age structures, and growth. Demographic perspectives are concerned with the causes of population growth and the consequences of that growth. A. The Malthusian Prospective 1. Causes of Population Growth Thomas Malthus was a minister who used religious teachings to build his population policy. He believed that people have an innate urge that impels them to reproduce. According to Malthus, if people did not learn to control their vices then overpopulation would occur and bring on the fall of humanity. Malthus felt that if population growth remained unchecked, human beings could populate millions of worlds in a few thousand years (see Weeks, 1996:63-69). There are two solutions for controlling population . Malthus calls them "checks. " There are preventive checks and positive checks. a. Preventive Checks Preventive checks would include abstinence from sexual intercourse and postponing marriage until after twenty-five years old. Malthus would not condone modern birth control techniques. The only appropriate method of birth control was postponing marriage and abstaining from sex . b. Positive Checks: Positive checks would include war, famine, pestilence, and disease (Sounds like the four horsemen!). Food production (or lack of it) is a central positive check. Populations, according to Malthus, expand geometrically. Food production at best expands arithmetically. At this rate, population growth rapidly outstrips food supplies. 2. Consequences of Population Growth: Poverty
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Demographic Perspectives - Demographic Perspectives...

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