Deviance becomes seen as a

Deviance becomes seen as a - Sources of Change: • Science...

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Deviance becomes seen as a "natural" problem for all societies, across time: a spatial/socio-ecological reality (localized anomie). Social Ecology ( Cecil greek's notes ) ( Park and Burgess ): Society as Superorganism. Change as natural. Organized area is invaded ==> competition ==>succession or accommodation==>reorganization. During stage of competition==> Disorganization: breakdown in the normative structure of the community==>Deviance. Can't stop change, nor the problems associated with it, BUT sociologists can assist in reorganization process.
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Unformatted text preview: Sources of Change: • Science and Technology • Urbanization • Population growth, especially immigration and migration. • Economic restructuring--unemployment. • Industrialization Change as a Threat • To existing "Social Order" • Challenge to dominance of traditional WASP Middle Class: Nativism • Need to control deviance and the populations (ethnic/racial groups) that were seen as producing it. • Goal: Reorganization based on traditional assumptions about the "natural order of society"...
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